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Sticky Rollers
The Adhesive Rollers are used to remove dust and prarticles of contamination from flat surfaces in clean rooms, such as floors, ceilings, walls, desktops, tabletops, etc. They are also have a great effect in removing dust from carpet and cloth which are not easy for cleaning. They are great for picking up pet hair from any surface.
The disposable adhesive rollers are made of polyethylene (PE) film with single faced adhesive. They are available in 9 inch width, 65 foot length, 117 sheets with 1.5 inch core.

Sticky Rollers Sticky Rollers
Size:     9" width
            65' length
            1.5" Core
            117 Sheets/Roll
Color:     Blue

Pack:     5 Rolls/Bag
            $62.00 per Bag

Product ID: SRPE-965/5

Price: $62.00


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